September 29, 2010

Delaware's Sore Loser?

News that Mike Castle (R-DE) might consider a write-in campaign has many on the right up in arms over the audacity of this “sore loser” (  Comparisons are being made (  between Castle and the decision by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to mount a write in campaign for the Senate seat in Alaska after being soundly thumped by Joe Miller in their primary.  I want to take a moment to explain why I believe the comparisons are unfair.

Murkowski is tilting at windmills (, driven by her own ego to mount an effort that will at best be futile and will at worst hand the seat to a liberal Democrat who is out of the Alaskan mainstream.  Murkowski did not endure any underhanded tactics at the hands of the Miller campaign, she was not slandered, and no one lied about her record, her background, or her history.  She lost, period.  Joe Miller was a superior candidate.  He deserved to win.  Lisa Murkowski is a liberal Republican running in a conservative state that got her hat handed to her.  The Senate will be better for not having her there and any questions about her character were answered when she allowed her ego to get in the way of what’s best for, not only Alaska, but also our country.

As for Mike Castle, let’s start by conceding that Delaware is not Alaska.  As a member of Congress, Castle voted pretty much where his state is – moderate to liberal.   Bear in mind that this is the state that gave us Joe Biden for heaven’s sake.  The Senate race in Delaware, like the race in Illinois, is extremely important for one reason – the winner will be seated immediately.  Remember, Biden vacated the seat when he became Vice-President (same situation with the Obama seat in Illinois).  Therefore, the winner in Delaware will be seated for the lame duck session and has an opportunity to stop any mischief the Democrats might try to foist upon the American people.

Anyway, I digress.  Although I believe Christine O’Donnell has a chance to win, I firmly believe Castle stood a better chance.  In addition, Castle was subjected to some fairly below the belt stuff during his race.  The O’Donnell campaign lied about his support of Obamacare (he did not support it) and played fast and loose with the truth about his voting record.  They instituted a scorched earth campaign and decided to see what would stick.  I don’t mind hardball – I don’t like lying to win.  O’Donnell did.

Finally, for those who are complaining about Castle’s decision (which he has yet to make), I’d encourage you to walk a mile in his shoes.  It’s very easy for those of us on the outside to tell candidates they should kiss and make up.  It’s a completely different animal when the losing candidate has lost all respect for the victor because of the way the campaign unfolded.  You make the bed, you lie in it.  O’Donnell and her team chose their tactics, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

I hope Mike Castle decides not mount a write-in campaign.  Recent polls show he wouldn’t win and he doesn’t take enough votes from Coons to give O’Donnell the victory.  Unlike Sore-Loser Lisa Murkowski, I don’t think it is ego driving Castle to consider a write-in bid; I think it’s revenge.  If that’s the case, he might set the whole state on fire just to make sure O’Donnell walks in his shoes.

UPDATE:  Congressman Castle proves that he is a man of character and honor by declining to mount a write in campaign  (  Murkowski could learn a thing or to about class and dignity from Mike Castle.

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  1. Just minutes ago, Politico released a notice that Castle is declining to form a write in campaign.

    Now, we'll see what develops back there.