April 5, 2011


Today is my birthday (I proudly share it with Booker T. Washington) and I don't think I could have received a better birthday present than the budget Paul Ryan introduced today.

I do not believe it is overblown hyperbole to say that the budget submitted by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) may be the seminal legislative document of my life time.  In an act of political courage rarely seen in our elected officials, Congressman Ryan wrote a budget document that eliminates the deficit, reforms Medicare and Medicaid significantly, reduces the overall tax burden, and obliterates “Obamacare” to name just a few positive aspects of this budget.  Additionally, Congressman Ryan acknowledges the extremely hard work that will need to go into explaining and “selling” his plan to the American people.  More importantly, Ryan recognizes that he is risking his political career with his bold proposal – this is a courageous document.

The question now becomes, will other Republicans have the courage of Paul’s convictions?  As of this writing, no Republican member of the Washington Congressional Delegation has issued a statement either in favor or against Ryan’s budget.  That is unfortunate.  I did a quick search around the web and found favorable statements from other Republican members of Congress.  This is extremely important because the time is now to define the narrative before Nancy Pelosi, the pathetic combo of Reid/Schumer, and the rest of the Democrat demagogues begin to try to define Ryan and Republicans as heartless Neanderthals (if you’ve done any reading today, you know they’ve already started).

It is incumbent upon our Republican members of Congress to stand up NOW and be heard.  Equivocation and obfuscation are not leadership traits.  And our country is crying out for bold, courageous leaders.  So I put this question to our elected Republicans:  Are you willing to take a vote that may cost you your job?  Moreover, are you willing to stand on principal to secure prosperity for future generations at the risk of your own prosperity?

Congressman Reichert what is your answer?  Congressman Hastings what is your answer? McMorris-Rodgers?  Herrera?  Are you willing to stand with America against the Obama/Reid/Pelosi assault on our fiscal future?

Folks this is it.  Call members of Congress to the carpet if they tell you “I’m still studying the proposal” or some such  nonsense.  They have known this was coming for a long time.  Ryan put his “Roadmap” out before the 2010 campaign.  No studying needs to be done.   Step up and lead or step aside.