September 13, 2009

You Must Buy Health Insurance

I had the pleasure of meeting Congressman Joe Wilson on the afternoon of September 10th. This was before he became somewhat notorious for “breaking decorum” during President Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress. Although I don’t condone what Congressman Wilson did, I think his reaction during the speech expressed the frustration that millions of American’s share.

Many of us feel we are without a voice. We feel that our members of Congress are not at all concerned about our rejection of the massive government intrusion in our lives represented in the health care legislation, cap and trade, etc. We are not, however, without means.

I saw first hand the tens of thousands of people that marched on Washington, DC on September 12th. These people were by no means “radical extremists”; rather they were everyday people who felt the need to do something to take back their country from the true radicals who represent them in government.

One of the extreme elements of President Obama’s speech was his call to require all Americans to have health insurance. This mandate should concern everyone. The President, and Democrats in Congress, wants to force you to buy health insurance for you and your family. Never mind whether or not the proposal is constitutional (doubtful), evidence shows that a mandate to purchase health insurance consistently drives up the cost of insurance for everyone ( Most concerning, however, is that government believes they can better take care of you and your family than you can.

Thousands of Americans marched on Washington to protest the growth of government, its intrusion in our daily lives, and the huge debt burden that ever expanding government is placing on our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. I am not confident that we were heard. I fear that this government is arrogant and out of touch and will foist mandated insurance, mandated green buildings, mandated public service, etc., upon all of us.

It is time for a new voice. I am running for Congress in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District because I refuse to let this government remake America in such a way that we won’t recognize it when my 3 year old son is my age. I am running to ensure that the freedoms and individual liberty espoused in our Constitution are not forgotten.

I would love to get your thoughts on this blog. Email me at and let me know whether or not you are concerned about mandated health insurance. If you want to help my campaign, go to to volunteer and donate. Finally, forward this post to all of your friends and get them involved in returning America to the values and ideals that have made us great.