May 3, 2011


It seems as if everyone has commented on the recent battlefield death of Osama Bin Laden.  And that's what it was - a battlefield death.  It wasn't an "accident", it wasn't a "contingency operation", he was killed on the battlefield in America's continuing war against Islamofascist terrorists.  It was a good day for America.  Importantly, it was a great day for the men and women who have valiantly volunteered to hunt down terrorists like Bin Laden wherever they reside - be it the deserts of Iraq, the jungles of the Philippines or the rugged mountains of Afghanistan.

It is also a significant day for America's first responders who remain on the front lines in the war against terrorists here at home.  It is a solemn, thoughtful, and bittersweet day for the many families who lost loved ones on 9-11 and for the "Gold Star" families who have lost loved ones in this now ten year war against the evildoers.

I am ever proud of my country.  And this week, once again, I reminded why.  Americans are unique in the world.  We have a remarkable resolve.  We have borne great burdens and we have made tremendous sacrifices as a country and, yet, we continue to endure.  We continue to thrive.  We continue to remain steadfast.

We are America.  And, now, Osama Bin Laden - in his last breath of thought - knows what that means.