August 24, 2010

My Statement on the Results of the Aug 17th Primary Election

Callie and I are so thankful for the wonderful people that came into our lives as a result of this campaign for Congress.  We are so appreciative of the supporters that were willing to give of their time and their treasure in this effort.   Although I was not victorious, I am a better person for having had the opportunity to spend the last 16 months getting to know the people of the 3rd Congressional District.

Throughout the primary election I continually stressed my belief that the 2010 election is the most important election in my life time.  I still believe that.

My primary motivation for entering this race was my deep concern for my son’s future.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama are bankrupting this wonderful nation. They have rejected America’s unique role in the world and place in history. They have put the needs of their special interest allies, like big unions and big corporations, before those of the American people .  We cannot allow their misguided efforts to undermine America’s prosperity.

Denny Heck, if elected to Congress, will vote to continue the Pelosi regime. He will vote with those who want to restrict the economic and individual freedoms of all Americans.  He will not do anything to stop the reckless spending that is occurring, or reign in the unsustainable debt that is accruing.  It is imperative that Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives in order to stop progressives like Denny Heck from marching this country into the abyss.  Republicans must capture every seat in which we have a realistic chance of victory - that includes the 3rd Congressional District.

Jaime Herrera won the primary election and is the Republican nominee.  She now has the opportunity to put the 3rd Congressional District back in the Republican column.

I respect, immensely, the feelings expressed by those of you who have determined to "vote your conscience" in this campaign, but I want to implore all of you to set aside any notion of sitting out this election, conducting a write-in campaign or, worse, voting for Denny Heck.
If you share my deep concern for our country - a concern for the future country that our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will inherit - then set aside your anger and disappointment, reject Denny Heck and vote for the Republican nominee.


  1. Sorry... can't do it. The election didn't change the fact that she was the least qualified, shallowest individual I've seen in my life time to make it to the general.

    Far too much of my rhetorical blood was spilled on the floor by her and her supporters merely because I exercised my pre-paid benefit of the First Amendment to oppose her election. Her supporters are a reflection of her. And their vicious, back-stabbing crap took place without complaint or comment from her... an obvious sign of support.

    While I appreciate your position in all of this. I have seen nothing to change my views. At the end of the day, I cannot support someone who has absolutely no business sitting in Congress as anything besides the low-level staffer she was.

    The reasons to oppose her didn't magically vaporize with her ascension to the general. She still is undereducated, still lacks private sector experience, (like the rest of those surrounding Obama) still hasn't set foot in uniform to defend this country, still cannot articulate any specifics, still cannot tell the truth about her SEIU support and she remains the product of a campaign of packaging by handlers who know of all her myriad weaknesses yet who wanted her installed anyway... not because it was right for the people of the 3rd (Like Slade, or Cathy, or Jay even live here) but because they view her as a tool.

    Nope, sorry... I can't do it. 70% of the people in this district did not want her elected and supported someone else in the primary. I will not only oppose her election this time, but should we be so unfortunate to have her in future elections, I will continue to oppose her then, as well.


  2. Thank you David for putting yourself, your wife, your son into the political stream. It takes a big person to step forward in the face of what you faced like a David versus a two headed Goliath and still come out and sound so wonderful though I probably do believe there are some bitter feelings privately.

    I agree with Lew and Victoria Taft, you are a bright, shining star who I do hope will either fill in some where in the GOP or as a local blogger or some other factor politically. You are too much of a bright star to lose.

    Tell Michelle, your campaign manager thank you, from another clark county resident for putting up with all that she had had too with your campaign. She was another bright star that I hope will run another great campaign OR will find some other avenue for her talents.

    And to your family and close associates, I do hope that you find some thing good that comes out of a negative situation that this campaign engendered. Its sounds like you are moving forward with your financial business that you put off for nearly a year and sacrificed more than your average american with all of the verbal slaps, taunts and mudslinging that a political campaign entails.

  3. Your selflessness has not gone unnoticed. My husband and I both thank you and your little family for the sacrifices all of you made for this race.

    The disappointment has subsided, Lew is taking a well deserved break.

    I have to add that I would love to vote for the Republican in this race, and I probably would have, with not even a second thought. The problem I have is that while we knew you were the best choice we had to take on Denny Heck, neither of us feels that has changed.

    My husband and I (mostly my husband) has recently been the attack of of one of your former opponent's backers, and a member of the GOP. This kind of thing alone sheds a different light on this candidate for me. I am no longer angry for what was done, but, like Hinton, simply because she has the primary does not mean somehow she has been granted new attributes.

    Thank you for being a man of honor. I also agree with comment above about Victoria Taft and Lew, we hope you stay in the arena of politics, you are a shining star and your time will come. I know it. Take care.

  4. Lew has earned a well deserved rest along with David and his family and his campaign manager's family.

    I wish them all the best of luck in their private endeavors.

    Maybe Lew will find some other thing to blog about! :) There is way too much going on in the 3rd congressional district to keep one man away too long. (Even if that means one no longer associates with the a county party.)

    Well I better get back to writing some other drivel-on. :)