July 23, 2009

An American Solution

Liberal leaders in Congress have decided that they know better than doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners with regard to ‘reforming’ our healthcare system. Never mind that America’s system of healthcare delivery remains the envy of the world – Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and friends think they know better than professionals who have dedicated their lives to protecting and improving our health. The Mayo Clinic – widely held as the preeminent healthcare provider in our nation – has publicly denounced this government takeover of healthcare.

All Americans want a system that helps reduce costs and provides coverage to those currently without insurance. As mothers, fathers and grandparents we all know the importance of access to quality medical care. However, the vast majority of us are unwilling to relinquish authority over our medical decisions to a government bureaucrat. In the face of spending billions in bank bailouts, and an auto industry takeover, we are not prepared to give up an additional 16% of the American economy to government control.

The answer does not lie in more government – along the lines of Canada, the UK or other European Socialist models. America does not copy or envy. American’s innovate. Our healthcare system, like our system of government – is not perfect – but it remains the best in the world. Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, Congress should adopt some common sense reforms to address the problems of cost and accessibility.

The President and Congress should:

1) Expand and promote Health Savings Accounts, which allow the individual to control their own healthcare dollars – NOT the government.

2) Allow Association Health Plans. This would allow small businesses and like-minded trade associations to pool together in purchasing their health insurance, thereby driving down costs and insuring more people.

3) Allow people to purchase health insurance like they purchase auto insurance. Right now, you cannot purchase a plan in Texas if you live in Washington even if the Texas plan better suits the needs of your family and is less expensive.

4) Reduce payroll taxes. Most Americans get their health insurance through their employer. Rather than raise taxes on small businesses – the backbone of our economy – to pay for a government run program, let’s incentivize business to provide insurance coverage by lowering their rates, or by providing tax credits.

I believe Americans will always rise to the challenge. We can meet the challenge of providing accessible, affordable healthcare to all Americans without resorting to failed ideas fraught with danger and inefficiencies. We can meet this challenge without leveraging the future of our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews against trillions of dollars in debt. We can find American solutions, rooted in the ideals and values that made this country great.


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